PERINATAL TRAINING SERVICES, established in 2009, Is your answer to
effective training in an ever changing environment of the
Perinatal arena with emphasis on teamwork, simulation, knowledge
retention, communication and confidence.
We offer a selection of classes to meet required
Perinatal training competencies in one classroom and hands-on setting.  
Our format allows students to meet their individual needs; or take any or
all selected classes on an as needed basis.

Our instructors currently work in their fields and
therefore have the advantage of being as up-to-date as
possible on new practices as well as providing a wealth of

Our Mission
Is to provide highly effective training to both experienced
and inexperienced personnel in an environment where
knowledge and competency cannot be compromised.

Our Vision
Is for Learners to recognize the importance of
knowledge and competency; and combine it with
confidence and teamwork to "make a team of experts an expert team".    
We offer the tools to achieve that
in our learning environment.

Perinatal Training Services is approved by the California Board of
Registered Nursing to provide educational contact hours.  
CEP# Provider #16119
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Perinatal Training Services