Sugar & Safe Care-Temperature-Airway-Blood Pressure-Labwork & Emotional Support
This one-day 8 hour program is designed to assist the healthcare professional with
organization and recall of information of care in the pre-transport, transfer, and/or
post resuscitation period of the newborn infant.  The S.T.A.B.L.E.  class is presented
in an organized format designed for knowledge retention which will enhance the
health care professional’s performance in caring for the sick newborn or premature
infant. Cards are valid for 2 years.                                                            10 contact hours

Prerequsites:  Pre-study, textbook purchase and completed pretest.
Book purchase:
www.TheSTABLEProgram.org or Amazon.com  
here for STABLE order form

This class us a 4 hour program designed for the current S.T.A.B.L.E. card holder  
(card cannot be expired more than
6 months); includes components in the full length
S.T.A.B.L.E. is the review version.  Cards are valid for 2 years.             6 contact hours

Prerequisites:  Pre-study, textbook purchase and completed pretest.
Books can be purchased from Amazon.com or The STABLEProgram.com

You will log into a virtual classroom from the comfort of your home.  Must be logged
in for the entire class and be present at your computer/laptop for the entire class.  
There will be random questions typed onto your screen during the
presentation, you
will have 1 minute to answer the question in your chat box.  Questions that are not
answered will disqualify you from the class
.  More than one student can share the
WEBEX connection
if using same computer.      

*Must have a computer with webcam and audio.
*Must have STABLE textbook.
*No Internet surfing, texting, checking email, or use of cell phone during the
*You will participate in all aspects of the program.
*Any testing material sent to you will be destroyed at the conclusion of class and not
shared with others.
*Distractions such as a barking dog need to be dealt with prior to class.
*Please arrange childcare, your full attention and participation is required.
*Please electronically sign the ATTESTATION FORM and email to me with your class

The S.T.A.B.L.E. - Cardiac Module provides general guidelines for the assessment
and stabilization of neonates with suspected, severe forms of congenital heart
disease (CHD). Prompt, effective, and appropriate care of neonates with severe CHD
can reduce secondary organ damage, improve short and long-term outcomes, and
reduce morbidity and mortality.  This information is presented in a highly visual
format using an animated PowerPoint® slide presentation, and is divided into three
main sections: Part 1: Physical exam of neonates with suspected CHD and the
differential diagnosis Part 2: Review of the anatomic features, clinical presentation
and initial stabilization of neonates with CHD, and emphasizes differentiation of
cardiac from pulmonary disease. Specific heart lesions are covered in detail. Part 3:
Modifications to the six S.T.A.B.L.E. assessment components that are necessary
when caring for neonates with suspected CHD.  

Prerequsites:  Book purchase and Pre-study.                      4 nursing contact hours

Fetal Heart Monitoring-INTERMEDIATE
This 2-day AWHONN course is designed for registered nurses with a minimum of six
months clinical nursing experience using fetal heart monitoring technology in an
intrapartum setting.   Participants are expected to already possess basic knowledge
and related skills in the following areas:
  • Maternal physiologic changes of pregnancy
  • Fetal growth and development
  • Methods of fetal monitoring
  • Preparation of patient for set-up and initiation of external or internal fetal
  • Obtaining and maintaining tracings that document fetal heart rate and uterine
  • Interpretation of uterine contraction frequency, duration, and baseline resting
  • Identification of the baseline fetal heart rate, variability and deviations
  • Indicated clinical interventions
  • Communication and documentation standards

Prerequisite:  Textbook purchase required. Fetal Heart Monitoring Principals and
Practice, 5th edition.  Workbook will be provided in class.  
Students must have completed the AWHONN on-line Basic Fetal Monitoring course
prior to class.                                                  18.0 continuing nursing education hours

Fetal Heart Monitoring-ADVANCED
This 1-day AWHONN instructor-led course is designed to prepare clinicians to care
for patients with complex fetal heart monitoring tracings.  Course components
  • Complex case studies that include recommended interventions
  • Communicating with colleagues
  • Advanced principles of maternal-fetal physiology
1)       Describe physiological principles and fetal oxygen transfer and acid-base
2)        Identify physiologic principles underlying fetal heart monitoring.
3)        Describe concepts in antenatal testing including analysis and interpretation of
biophysical profiles and complex antenatal fetal heart monitoring tracings.
4)        Relate physiologic principals to the goals and intervention of antenatal testing.
5)        Evaluate interventions for patients undergoing antenatal testing.
6)        Analyze fetal cardiac arrhythmia patterns and describe outcomes associated
with these patterns.
7)        Analyze complex fetal heart monitoring patterns utilizing current NICHD/ACOG
FHM terminology and categories.
8)        Apply perinatal risk management principals, communication techniques and
documentation strategies related to complex and challenging patient care scenarios.

This course is designed for clinicians who previously completed the AWHONN
Intermediate Fetal Monitoring Course, a comparable fetal monitoring educational
program and/or who hold certification or added credentials in fetal heart monitoring.

Prerequitsite:  Textbook purchase required. Fetal Heart Monitoring Principals and
Practice, 5th edition.  Workbook provided in class.  
Students must have completed an Intermediate EFM course or 6 months recent
experience in L & D.                                       8.0 continuing nursing education hours

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